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Written Arts: Weapons

A mirror is a weapon.

Can be evil in fact.
Examine every
pore, roll, and crack.
See the things I lack.

Memories are a weapon.
Wish they’d never come back.
Just first grade
when I didn’t love myself back.
See the things I lack.

Media is weapon.
Perfection on every page.
Models across the spread
lack rolls, dips, and bumps
their beauty never fades.
See the things I lack.

Why can’t I be that
and have all that I lack.
Weapons all around me
I feel like I’m drowning.
Stuck, all tied up, and forced
to see the things I lack.

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Written Arts: To My Black Child

Hands up, don’t shoot.
Every time I see
a black man die
I see you.

I see her,
I see him.
My babies of tomorrow
are them, him, her, them.

Tamir Rice.
He could be my son one day.
Are my kids even allowed to play?
That’s how I used to play?

I guess that’s different.

Please don’t end up like
Trayvon Martin.
Not the thug he was
perceived to be.
By media and people
who look like me.
The young dead boy
is what I mean.


From a white mother
to her black child.
I wish I could take away your pain.
Just please don’t run away.

Just don’t
make that face.
Speak your mind
Take your time.
Talk real loud.
Keep your head up high.
Walk too fast.
Wear your hood.
Defend yourself from a man
following you home.
Don’t reach for your wallet fast
they’ll shoot you just like that.
Please just leave the store
when they follow you row after row.
Don’t make a scene
even if the mess isn’t on you
because it will be soon.

You might be told
“You’re not black”.
Don’t you ever believe that.
You’re black enough
for them to crack.

Your daddy knows.
Just ask him.
He is you.
You are him.

To my future child,
this is for you.
I don’t know you yet,
but I still think of you.

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Written Arts: My Heart Will Sing How Great


My heart will sing how great.

Your name I cry
to the Heavens and sky.
Above all things
You are my King.

My heart will sing how great.

Build me up
from nothing but dust.
Impossible things
You do for us.

My heart will sing how great.

For You should
not give to me.
But Your open heart
says differently.

My heart will sing how great.

One by one
You took my sin
just so I
may live again.

My heart will sing how great.

You stomp down evil.
You crush down pain.
You are not vain.
You raise the dead and
You cure the lame.
You befriend the castaways.
You comfort those astray.
You are so much more
so all I can say,

my heart will sing how great,
how great You are my God.

This poem was inspired by one of my favorite gospel songs, “How Great Is Our God”. There are a lot of versions of the song, the one down below is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!