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Dog Bow Ties for Stylish Pups

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Seriously trendy dogs are currently rocking their bow ties every day – adding a fun pop of color.

Bohemian Bow Tie Dog Collar by Barker & Bone (Title Image)
Cream Bow Tie Dog Collar by Barker & Bone (Title Picture )
Max-Bone Kash Bow Tie out of Topdog Boutique
Spring Floral Dog Bow Tie by Danes & Divas
Pink Flower Dog Bow Tie by Barker & Bone
Lighting Denim Dog Bow Tie by Barker & Bone
Blue Summer Gingham Dog Bow Tie by Danes & Divas
Teddy Maximus Liberty Print Dog Bow Tie from Aurora Pets
Herb Garden Dog Bow Tie from The Foggy Dog
Blush Luxury Linen Bow Tie by Danes & Divas
Buttercup Herringbone Luxury Linen Bow Tie by Danes & Divas

Searching for a dog bow tie?

Is your pup looking for attachment or a new dog bow tie? Our purchasing guides feature the very best of the best… Read More

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Dog Breeder Arrested After More Than 700 Dogs Rescued From Horrific Conditions

A Georgia man was arrested Thursday, days after animal rescuers removed hundreds of dogs from deplorable living conditions on his property. Reason Craig Gray of Nashville has multiple pending charges” for the cruel treatment of these dogs and obstruction” according to a statement from the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office. The Facebook post noted that since […]

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Pet owner plea after pugs thrown from car

Image copyright RSPCA Cymru Image caption Two pugs are recovering after being thrown from a car window near Wrexham People struggling to cope with their animals have been urged to seek help after two pugs were tossed from a car while at traffic lights. The RSPCA said the dogs’ experience in Wrexham would have been […]

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Ever thought about adopting a beautiful greyhound? Now’s the time in Florida, as many will be looking for loving, forever homes….

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“we can’t agree on anything here in Florida,” said Humane Society Florida State Director Kate MacFall. “But on this, we’d bipartisan support.”… Read More

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Mysterious Astronaut Carved In A 900 Year Old Chur

Mysterious Astronaut Carved In A 900 Year Old Chur

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Octavia_Melody is considered the number one suspect

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Oscar Came To Them On Death's Door, But You'll Be Amazed When You See Him Today!

Oscar Saved From Death’s Door, You’ll Be Amazed To See Oscar Today!

Oscar was living his own version of hell on Earth. Scared of humans, the poor dog would spend his days hiding out in an abandoned house, waiting for nightfall so he could begin scavenging for food and water. Slowly starving to death, when people did see him, they ignored the sweet boy. But when a […]

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The Cruel Owner Left This Dog In The Street To Die. I Still Can't Believe What Happened After That.

Dog Left In The Street To Die. Can You Believe How Cruel People Can Be

When dog-lover Sean McCormack first saw Tiny on a dirty street in Taiwan, he didn’t know what to think. Judging by the dog’s awful condition, it seemed he left in the street to die. His skin was ravaged by a terrible case of mange, he was emaciated and so neglected, he didn’t seem to care about […]

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He Noticed Something Down In A Deep Well. What They Pulled Out Is Unbelievable.

After Noticing Something In A Deep Well | What They Pulled Out Is Unbelievable.

With only a thin rope and their bravery, an Indian community that had joined forces with a local rescue group saved a drowning dog that had fallen into a well. Without a moment to spare, they sprung to action and lowered one of their members into the well to fetch the poor pup. That’s the […]

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This Baby Wombat Just Wants To Help Groom Her Best Friend -- So Cute!

This Baby Wombat Just Wants To Help Groom Her Best Friend — So Cute!

Up until just moments ago, I didn’t know wombats could be so adorable… But when they’re raised with gentle golden retrievers, I suppose truly anything is possible. You see, Yhi here is growing up at Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary. Facebook / Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary But she’s got a very special guardian who looks after […]

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