About Us

Have Fun With Dogs

Beagle’s are intelligent, bubbly and very loving, whereas, a Labradors are also fairly easy to look after.

Mixed Breed or Pure Bred

There are so many answers to this age old question. Are you looking for a friend for life or simply showing off.


When choosing a dog it is important to answer some serious questions like. Do you live in the City or Outer Suburbia? Do you live in an Apartment or House? Do you have a small back yard or own a property?

Is My Dog Cute or Ugly?

How Cute is This

Puppies are always cute, but can you give him the save love when he gets older?

Most Breeds of Dogs

Most of dogs need lots of exercise and things to play with. Having 2 dogs is a whole new topic.

Dog Toys

Let them have their own toys or they will quickly find something to destroy.

About our Organization

Who We Are

We are simply dog lovers.

Our Skills

Lifetime of experiences owning dogs.