3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need The Best

There are a lot of things that you should strive for receiving the best in. You should never “settle” for an average relationship with the Lord. You should never “settle” for someone you don’t love. You should never settle for something that is less than that will affect your well-being or your health.

For the longest time, I thought that I needed the best of everything. The best clothes, the best makeup, the best skincare products. A lot of what I wanted that was “the best” was beauty products. At this point in my life, I watched beauty videos on YouTube all the time. It’s all I really watched. I became obsessed with it and it took over my free-time as well as my finances. The little money I had, went to buying more and more makeup. I always had to have the new makeup product. Then it went from having the new makeup to having the expensive makeup. While I know how to find coupons and save money, I still spent a lot of money on this one thing. I even attracted the attention of other people with my makeup who urged me to sell makeup.

You Don'tNeed The Best

While it’s definitely hard to hear such a message, it is one that we need to hear. Whether you are a Christian or not, letting go of the things that you are obsessed with is extremely important. Then it’s important to get rid of the feeling for the need of the next new and best thing.

It Takes Over Your Life

As I started to say earlier, when we need the newest thing everytime the new thing comes out we are in a cycle of want that is hard to break from. At least for me, it was. Every time a new makeup product was released I needed to have it. I would feel compulsions to go and buy it. Even if I told myself “no” I would still find myself walking up and down the makeup aisle. I knew about all of this new stuff from YouTube. YouTubers that make videos about makeup are sent makeup for free to show to us. It’s a brilliant form of advertisement because you feel a connection to YouTubers and you learn to trust them. To break my dependency on buying makeup, I had to lessen the amount of time I spent watching YouTube videos.

I’m talking a lot about makeup, but your obsession could be something else. Food, technology, cars, or something else. You just need to face what that is for yourself.

You’ll Save Money

Money! A driving force in our society and important for our survival. You need money to buy shelter, food, clothing, and other essentials. When you have an obsession that costs money, you spend money. I spent A LOT of money on makeup. Makeup that I barely use. I just needed to have it. Do yourself a favor and not get the next best thing and stick with what you already have, it will save you money in the long run!


Consumption, Consumption, Consumption

There are a lot of other reasons to not buy the best, but this one is important. I’m from the United States we hold about 5% of the world’s population, but we consume about 30% of the world’s resources. (These statistics are not exact. You can find exact number upon further research). The world only has so many resources that can be used. Once these resources are used up, they’re gone. We, not only Americans but people of developed nations, need to change our consumption habits. We can start this by not buying so much. Some of it can be out of our hands, but we can try our best. So before you buy that new pair of shoes, look at what you have already. Maybe even buy a used pair, but that brand new pair of $100 heels will continue the cycle of overconsumption.

Leave any comments or tips you have about breaking an obssesion, feel free to leave in the comment section down below.



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