S.O.A.P. Bible Study Method

As we prepare for the Tour of the Bible, we can build a good foundation for reading. If you don’t have a place to take notes from your reading, I highly getting one. I keep a binder for all of my biblical learning. I can create a post on that at a later date if you’d like.

A popular method for study, that I recently became aware of, is the S.O.A.P. method.


S – Scripture

Read through your lesson and mark verses that speak to you. Whether it pulls at your heart or talks to you personally about something you’re going through, it is best to make a note or write it down.

O – Observe

Make observations in your life. How is this scripture speaking to you personally? Is God trying to tell you something? Write down these questions in your journal so you don’t forget.

A – Application

Now it’s time to take what you learned from this lesson and apply it to your daily life. This goes beyond just reading. This is the point where you are going to come closer to God. The more we apply His Word to our lives, the closer we get to Him.

P – Prayer

One of the most important steps, especially for the “A” step to this method. Pray to God to help you apply the Word to your life. God will help you become a better Christian if you ask Him.

There are a lot of websites readily available to you and other Christians to help you learn more about the S.O.A.P. method. You can download free printable worksheets that will guide you through your reading.

Get ready for your first 5 readings for the Tour of the Bible next Sunday. You’ll get readings as well as questions to ponder with each day!


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