Bible Challenge: Tour Of The Bible

As I embark on this journey of being more devoted to God, I’m making a plan to fill myself with His word. I have an amazing Bible that’s full of stories, profiles, challenges, and more. I plan on upgrading soon, but I haven’t finished what I want to with this Bible just yet!

This 90 day Bible challenge will take you (and me) through a journey with Christ. You get to learn all of the stories of the Bible and take-in some of the most important messages God has for you to hear.

Tour of the bible

I challenge YOU to this 90 day Bible challenge. I will be posting my updates daily (I’ve already started, so I’ll be a little ahead but you will still get the days in order). Follow me on Facebook and Twitter so that you know when the posts go live. Everything is linked to my profile under my logo.

Comment down below what you expect to get out of this journey!


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