My Anti-Perm Look

I’ve recently been wanting to do a consistent everyday look with my hair that avoids heat, so I thought about doing a perm. I did some research about perms and I outweighed the good (good looking curls) and the bad (semi-permanent curly damaged hair that I wouldn’t be able to recolor like I do every three months). There are more negatives, but my vanity was speaking louder than my logic.

I asked my hairstylist about them as well, I only go to the same hairstylist. (Reasons to never cheat on your hairstylist is for another post.) The salon I go to does not do perms but she told me I could get some products to get that wavy curly look. I then had another idea and she said I would most definitely get a perm look by using this product along with the hair products she had.

Flexi rods! (More specifically: Tifara Beauty 42-pack 7″ Flexible Curling Rods)

From what I can tell on YouTube these are not new at all. The videos on YouTube are mostly done by black women, so I’m assuming that the use of flexi rods are common in the African American community, but I’m just making an educated guess. People with finer hair can still use them and they’ll work the same, the curls will just look different on different people depending on their hair texture.

Ice Cream Party

The ones above are the exact pair of flexis that I purchased off I like these because they are easy to use, inexpensive, you get a ton and they come in a bunch of different sizes. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be enough for my hair because I have a lot of hair, but there were more than enough.

I’m still experimenting to find THE look, but when I do I’ll make a post on how I do so and share all the products I’m using as well as pictures of my hair.

My salon: The Cultural’s Elite in Pittsburgh, PA. If you live in the Pittsburgh area and are looking for a stylist, try The Cultural’s Elite. They are a locally owned hair salon that works with all hair types, do men and women’s hair, waxing, makeup, and more. Their Instagram: @theculturalselite

Feel free to leave tips on how to perfect my flexi rod look or comment what you think. Follow for more!

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