Goodbye Squirrel

It saddens me to write this. My beloved dog, Ciara, passed away. Ciara was not too long ago taken to the doctor where they said she had a tumor on her stomach. My family was given the option to put her down or to let her live on medicine until she couldn’t anymore. My parents chose the medicine. My mom is a nurse so knew she wasn’t ready to leave Earth yet.

Ciara was one of my best friends and one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. I often called her “Squirrel”, I leaped around the house with her, and we’d play catch with treats. She was the best at catching treats in her mouth. She was also quite the athlete. One time she ran up to the wall with a toy in her mouth, bounced the toy off the wall, caught the toy, and ran the other way. I was lucky enough to catch it on tape. She also loved to swim and she would run circles around the tractor. When you took her for walks she would stop and point at any bird or bunny in her sight. She would always lift her ears and tilt her head when you talked to her. When you told her to “little woof” she would give a faint bark, well sometimes, other times she would just bark like crazy.

Ciara had a heart of gold and stomach that was never full. She often got in trouble for getting in the garbage or grabbing food off the counter. Not once, but twice did Ciara grab a plate of Christmas cookies off the table and ate them all. She also enjoyed Halloween candy (which she stole). Her little spots made her a hand painted work of art that God took a little extra time on to make. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be blessed by such a loving dog like my Squirrel. I’m going to miss a lot about her, but what I think I dread the most is going home (from Pittsburgh to Erie) and not having her to welcome me home, to cuddle with, and most of all no one to call “Squirrel”.

This is to my Squirrel, I will miss you, my heart will ache for you, but you will forever be my baby Squirrel.


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