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Why Women Need To Vote

Through history, not everyone has been able to vote. As a woman that has been brought up in a middle-class family, I cannot speak on why people of color and poorer Americans should vote and fully understand their struggles. I can, however, express how I feel about the importance of women voting.

As I stated earlier, not everyone has had the right to vote. Women of the past worked hard so that the women of today can vote. There are so many reasons to vote, but one of the most important is respect for the work of women in the past as well as today. Women are still not treated equally or with respect in all aspects of our lives, but we have the power to vote.

I see voting as a gift from the women of the past. The rich white men in charge at the time were not going to make this change on their own. Men today might not. I would even go as far to say some women would not care. How often do you see a man (or even a woman) equate a woman’s opinion as her emotions, hormones, add insult here? How often do we see a woman’s work is ignored or stolen? How often do we see a woman getting paid less? How often do we see a woman getting catcalled? How often do we see women getting inappropriate comments from men? How often do we see sexist dress codes for young women? How often do we see women struggling for affordable nonbias healthcare? How often do we see a woman’s worth being equated as how she can please a man or how she looks? The list goes on and on, and what’s even worse is that this is a list from today, not the past.

We as women also need to let our voices be heard. I firmly believe that when I vote in any election, I am not only voting for myself but other women. Women with different stories and struggles. Women working two jobs to get by. Women being awesome, strong, brave single moms. Women who need free healthcare and Planned Parenthood to stay healthy. Women who live in a nuclear middle-class family that just needs a little more money to live comfortably. Women of all ages, races, sizes, jobs, socioeconomic status, and more. It is selfish for me to only vote for me. You may disagree with that, but I feel like I need to vote with not just me in mind.

These are just a couple of reasons why women of all ages should vote. I pray that I see our first female president. I may even cry tears of joy, but for now, I can stand up for the importance of voting for what you believe in and others.


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