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10 Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home

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Want more pup tips & snacks? Time welcome your pet home! 5. Check your fencing. When you have a backyard, scour the perimeter of fencing, checking for gaps and areas where your puppy could dig and get out. Also assess the sturdiness and security of your gate. Close off staircases, balconies and any open high spaces to avoid falls and injury. If you’re uncertain how to keep your pup included, consider investing into a baby gate to limit their access. Just like newborns get a package when they leave hospital, even Petbarn provides a puppy-pack to create this glorious time as easy as possible. (Pictured here’s Butters enjoying his puppy pack!) 9. Cover your garbage bins, laundry counter washing machines and dishwashers. All these things carry significant scents that attract a pup ’s focus. By ensuring they are shut and/or covered your new puppy can’t break into them resulting in mess or endangering their security. In the first few weeks you may disco… Read More

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