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10 Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home

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Want more pup tips & snacks?
Time welcome your pet home!
5. Check your fencing. When you have a backyard, scour the perimeter of fencing, checking for gaps and areas where your puppy could dig and get out. Also assess the sturdiness and security of your gate. Close off staircases, balconies and any open high spaces to avoid falls and injury. If you’re uncertain how to keep your pup included, consider investing into a baby gate to limit their access.

Just like newborns get a package when they leave hospital, even Petbarn provides a puppy-pack to create this glorious time as easy as possible. (Pictured here’s Butters enjoying his puppy pack!)
9. Cover your garbage bins, laundry counter washing machines and dishwashers. All these things carry significant scents that attract a pup ’s focus. By ensuring they are shut and/or covered your new puppy can’t break into them resulting in mess or endangering their security.
In the first few weeks you may disco… Read More

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Hi from Estonia.

This can be Bjanka. She is very cheerful and sweet. She actually likes to dance on her hind legs. Bjanka also enjoys to play with balls and soft toys.

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Dog Bow Ties for Stylish Pups

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Seriously trendy dogs are currently rocking their bow ties every day – adding a fun pop of color.

Bohemian Bow Tie Dog Collar by Barker & Bone (Title Image)
Cream Bow Tie Dog Collar by Barker & Bone (Title Picture )
Max-Bone Kash Bow Tie out of Topdog Boutique
Spring Floral Dog Bow Tie by Danes & Divas
Pink Flower Dog Bow Tie by Barker & Bone
Lighting Denim Dog Bow Tie by Barker & Bone
Blue Summer Gingham Dog Bow Tie by Danes & Divas
Teddy Maximus Liberty Print Dog Bow Tie from Aurora Pets
Herb Garden Dog Bow Tie from The Foggy Dog
Blush Luxury Linen Bow Tie by Danes & Divas
Buttercup Herringbone Luxury Linen Bow Tie by Danes & Divas

Searching for a dog bow tie?

Is your pup looking for attachment or a new dog bow tie? Our purchasing guides feature the very best of the best… Read More

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Dog Breeder Arrested After More Than 700 Dogs Rescued From Horrific Conditions

A Georgia man was arrested Thursday, days after animal rescuers removed hundreds of dogs from deplorable living conditions on his property. Reason Craig Gray of Nashville has multiple pending charges” for the cruel treatment of these dogs and obstruction” according to a statement from the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office. The Facebook post noted that since […]

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‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Rinna Goes After Lisa Vanderpump Over Potential Vanderpump Dogs Spin-Off Show! – Perez Hilton

Out come the claws… and then the dogs… and soon, maybe, the lawyers! Lisa Rinna is PISSED after learning the news that first broke in the last week about how fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costar Lisa Vanderpump is working on a spin-off reality show centered around adoption center Vanderpump Dogs!       In case you’re […]

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Pet owner plea after pugs thrown from car

Image copyright RSPCA Cymru Image caption Two pugs are recovering after being thrown from a car window near Wrexham People struggling to cope with their animals have been urged to seek help after two pugs were tossed from a car while at traffic lights. The RSPCA said the dogs’ experience in Wrexham would have been […]

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Study says dogs reflect their owners personalities

If there is a dog in a video game, it should be considered a crime if you’re not able to pet it.  Video games can be filled with violent battles, bloodshed, and intense competition. Your game could have the most realistic depiction of war on the planet, but if there is a puppy sitting right […]

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Ever thought about adopting a beautiful greyhound? Now’s the time in Florida, as many will be looking for loving, forever homes….

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“we can’t agree on anything here in Florida,” said Humane Society Florida State Director Kate MacFall. “But on this, we’d bipartisan support.”… Read More

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Mysterious Astronaut Carved In A 900 Year Old Chur

Mysterious Astronaut Carved In A 900 Year Old Chur

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Or a phone case

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