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What to Expect?

When visiting Chocolate and Dogs you can expect the best posts that are handwritten by one of two people, Kristyn or Eli.

I’m Kristyn and Eli is my fiance. I’m a young ambitious, social media loving college student who wanted to create her own blog but had such a hard time find a theme, a what, a “purpose”. I finally found it, I revamped my site, and I’m going to post frequently just for you.

On Mondays, you will receive a “Written Arts” post. Written Arts are poems, short stories, or plays. Each piece will have a clearly stated author. On Wednesday, you will get a lifestyle post to help you get through the rest of the week. On Friday, you will get to read a Christian post. This will be a song I (or him, or us) may want to share, devotional, thought, or anything about God. End your work week right!

About Me


As I said earlier, I’m a college student who loves social media but there’s obviously more to me that that. I live in Pittsburgh, which I love. It’s a wonderfully easy city to explore and that has a lot to offer, especially for young people. I’m going to school to be a graphic designer. I’m also getting married the year of 2018, so you’ll see some posts about weddings for sure (but only on Wednesdays)!

I love chocolate and dogs if you haven’t already guessed. They’re two of my favorite things, and this is what inspired me to find my “theme”. Things I love!